Graphic Novel Review: Sherlock Holmes and the Vampires of London

Author: Sylvin Cordurie
Illustrator: Laci
Read between: Christmas 2015
Number of pages: 96
Format: Hardback
Published: 18th February 2014
ISBN: 1616552662
Publisher: Dark Horse


Here is a review on something a bit different to the Novel’s I usually review. My husband is a big DC and Marvel comic reader so it was inevitable I was going to end up reading some Sherlock comics… well he is never going to let me read his collection!

Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes died fighting Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls. At least, that is what the press claims. However, Holmes is alive and well and taking advantage of his presumed death to travel the globe. Unfortunately, Holmes’ plans are thwarted  when a plague of vampirism begins haunting Britain. Holmes takes the opportunity to secretly visit with his brother Mycroft to tie up his personal dealings before leaving London permanently and anonymously. He is tracked down by a master vampire in London who has a serious problem with a rogue vampire. Through non too gentle coercion (threats on Watson and his wife) Holmes will be persuaded to use all his skills to find the vampire before the situation becomes out of hand. Especially when it becomes clear that the rogue vampire has specific plans for the master, the Queen, and Holmes himself. But Moriarty’s men are still following Holmes and he does not want to alert them that he is still alive.

Review: So yes after reading this I want to read more. This particular series is published by Dark Horse. There are another three in the collection that follow on from each other. These are Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon and Crime Valley. These reviews will follow in my blog at some point.

They are presented in smart hardback A4 books with beautiful detailed naturalistic artwork. It represents a reduced palette of colourful (for the reflection of industrial London) and propel the story adequately. It has a straightforward narrative, mostly by Holmes (in a memoir style to give to Watson after his presumed death) which is a refreshing view-point but can lack the emotional involvement Watson injects into stories. You see Holmes use his observation, chemistry, contacts and logic to find the rogue vampire and solve the case.

The story itself ‘Vampires’ to be honest did not fill me with excitement. It personally does not interest me.Those that do read Doyle’s classics would know that Holmes is not one for the supernatural and in this story Holmes is depicted as being intrigued and curious, excepting the super natural. Because of this I always find difficult to believe or difficult to get into. However, before I rule this one out, to my surprise the elements were well executed in the story and it was something a bit different.

The familiar characters such as Watson, Mary, Mrs Hudson, Moriarty are mentioned and is a great ‘what if’ twist for the events taking place after Reichenbach Falls. There is a good twist and turn in the story being that Holmes was hunting the wrong Vampire. It is nice to see Holmes picking up the deerstalker hat and cloak and taking a solo mission on.

If you want a break from the novels and would like a different take on a Sherlock adventure have ago at this, click here for your copy!





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