Book Review: Sherlock Holmes & the Grinning Cat

Author: Joseph W.Svec III
Read: May 2016
Number of pages: 139
Format: Paperback
Published: 14th December 2015
ISBN: 1780928858
Publisher:  MX Publishing


I saw this book randomly on a general browse through Instagram. I knew instantly I had to read it. Why was Holmes having an adventure with the grinning cat from Alice and Wonderland? What weird story w

‘Joseph Svec, III is brilliant in entwining two endearing and enduring classics of literature, blending the factual with the fantastical; the playful with the pensive; and the mischievous with the mysterious. We shall, all of us young and old, benefit with a cup of tea, a tranquil afternoon, and a copy of Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Grinning Cat. – Linda Hein, Hein & Co Used Books, and founding officer of the Amador County Holmes Hounds Sherlockian Society

Synopsis: Time is running out! When the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and The Mad Hatter turn up randomly at 221-B Baker Street to enlist the help of Sherlock Holmes in locating Alice who is missing from Wonderland, and Lewis Carroll himself who is also nowhere to be found, there begins an adventure more stranger and curious than anything Sherlock has ever encountered. A Unicorn, the Jabberwocky, the time traveling author, H.G. Wells, trips to Wonderland and beyond, and even a journey outside of time itself where awaits the ultimate enigma of logic, all are a part of this incredible tale.

Review: From the get go this is not an obvious Doyle classic. It is a book poking at fun and a mad delight of a fantasy story where two great worlds collide. It is a story that takes a few hours to read but in those few hours you will laugh and laugh. It will put a smile on your face just like the Cheshire Cat. Everything that is illogical is made logical. It stretches your imagination and would a perfect read for adult or children.

Holmes and Watson find the Cheshire Cat sitting in the armchair at 221B Baker Street. It is a true Cheshire Cat as it defines gravity, walls through walls and drinks tea. It took Holmes 3 hours in the book to accept this was true as he thought Watson had pulled one over on him with a ventriloquism trick. Alas, it was not.

Adding to this the White Rabbit constantly saying ‘I am late’ and the Mad Hatter turn up at  the door. All of them are their for Holmes as he is believed to be the only one that can solver their problem. That Alice and Lewis Carroll have gone missing. Alice failed to turn up to the Wednesday weekly tea party and Lewis Carroll passed onto a land that no one can return from.

So begins a crazy and hilarious wind and skies journey to H G Wells house, the author and inventor of the time machine to help with their adventures to and from Wonderland and various other places like Mars reference ing the ‘War of the Worlds’ novel by H G Wells in the process. Finally, the last showdown with the Realms of Time using mystery, logic and cryptic that Holmes has to solve to save Wonderland and himself.

At the end of the Novel Sherlock’s next client turns up. It is Captain Nemo and his vessel the Nautilus. A nod to the next novel that I will definitely be reading – watch this space!

If you want to have a few hours of humour and laughs. Treat it in a light hearted manner that it was intended for. Read this to children or generally enjoy all those fantastic characters that we love so much then his is definitely worth getting. Click here to get yours hands on it. I very highly recommend it.

If there are any books you would recommend me to read please leave a comment below!




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